Changing Tides: The Tivoli Bays, A Hudson River Wetland - Purple Mountain Press


Text and Photographs by Esther Kiviat

Foreword by John Winthrop Aldrich

From Chapter 2, MAY
"In Pursuit of the Golden Club":

"A delicate golden torch on a naked thick white stalk, curving gently upward and outward from a sheath of slender oval leaves--that is the golden club, a flower of striking beauty. A rare plant in New York State, it grows in only a few places along the Hudson River, including a secluded habitat in the Tivoli Bays. here, despite its disappearance or apparent decline in many of the plces in our region where it was once abundant, it seems to thrive.

One day in mid-May, when it is normally in bloom, I plan to search for the golden club. It grows in a small tidal marsh off Cruger Island. If the tides are right, it should not be too difficult to find. Low tide will be the most favorable time to reveal this flowering rarity, as it is partially immersed when the tides are high. . .

To get to the hidden habitat of the golden club, we will walk out Cruger Island Road from the Bard College campus, following it west through wooded uplands for about a half-mile, and then through the narrow strip of tidal swamp known as the Neck, to the railroad tracks along the Hudson River. This swamp is the boundary between the open waters of Tivoli South Bay and the more closed cattail wetlands of Tivoli North Bay."

"Esther Kiviat has captured the enormous vitality of the Bays, and the daily and seasonal dramas played out in their pools, tidecreeks, and marshy expanses. Her keen eye and unfettered fascination have produced a beautifully written and illustrated portrait." --Betsy Blair, Manager, Hudson River National Esturine Research Reserve

"With this book, Esther Kiviat has wonderfully filled the need for a readable, consise introduction to [Tivoli Bays]. . .her lyrical, lucid writing. . .precise, vivid photography will prove an irresistible lure in getting us out of our armchairs. . . . Let Esther Kiviat be our guide." --John Winthrop Aldrich, New York State Deputy Commissioner of Historic Preservation, from the foreword.

The mystery and magic of riverine marshes and swamps, their solitude and wildness, as well as their ecological significance, are depicted in Changing Tides by award-winning Rhinebeck photographer and writer Esther Kiviat. The book is a month-by-month natural history of the Tivoli Bays, protected fresh-water tidal coves on the east shore of the Hudson River between Tivoli and Barrytown, part of the Hudson River National Esturine Research Reserve.

Illustrated with more than 150 of the author's black-and-white and full-color photographs, and drawings by Kathleen A. Schmidt, Changing Tides provides fascinating glimpses of the prolific wildlife and vegetation of the Bays and adjacent uplands in both words and pictures based on Esther Kiviat's personal observations over the past ten years, supplemented by research walks and talks with biologists and others.

160 pages plus 32 color plates, 120 black-and-white photographs, 3 maps, users' guide, 8.5 x 10, 1999
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