Sullivan County Tales and Sketches - Purple Mountain Press


by Stephen Crane

Edited with an introduction by R. W. Stallman

Preface by John Conway

From "A Ghoul's Accountant":

"In a wilderness sunlight is noise. Darkness is a great, tremendous silence, accented by small and distant sounds. The musice of the wind in the trees is songs of loneliness, hymns of abandonment, and lays of the absence of things congenial and alive. Once a campfire lay dying in a fit of temper. A few flames struggeled cholerically among the burned out logs."

This collection will hold a special attraction for those interested in American literature, for it reveals the beginnings of Stephen Crane's development into what William Dean Howells called "a writer sprung to life fully armed." There is clear evidence here of Crane's painterly and impressionistic style and his addiction to color adjectives, metaphor, and symbol. Also seen are the seeds of themes which were soon to appear in Maggie: A Girl of the Streets and The Red Badge of Courage, the former noted for its grotesqueries and the latter for its psychological probing of character.

R. W. Stallman is the author of Stephen Crane: A Biography and Stephen Crane: A Critical Biography. He has edited several volumes of Crane's works including Stephen Crane: An Omnibus, Stephen Crane Reader, Letters (with Lillian Gilkes), War Dispatches (with E. R. Hagemann) and The New York City Sketches (with E. R. Hagemann).

151 pages, 5.5 x 8.25, 1995
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