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Discovering the Life of a Revolutionary War Hero

On April 26, 1777, an icy, wind-driven rain ripped across New York State’s farmlands shaking the boards of the Ludington family mill as a messenger arrived with news—nearby Danbury, Connecticut, was under British attack and burning. Within minutes, sixteen-year-old Sybil Ludington, daughter of an American colonel, mounted her horse, ready for a forty-mile ride through treacherous terrain to alert her father’s troops.

For more than two hundred years little was known of Sybil Ludington’s life beyond that night. This version of her biography for young readers tells how her story as freedom fighter, hero, daughter, wife, mother, businesswoman, and grandmother was discovered.

V. T. Dacquino is the author of several books including the popular young adult novel Kiss the Candy Days Goodbye, a Dell/Yearling paperback, and Hauntings of the Hudson River Valley (The History Press, 2007). He has lectured widely based on his adult biography, Sybil Ludington: The Call to Arms (Purple Mountain Press, 2000). Recently retired from teaching after 35 years, he now devotes his time to writing and spreading Sybil’s story to children of all ages.

Sybil's Timeline
1761 Sybil is born in Branford, Connecticut, April 5
1761 The Ludingtons move to Fredricksburgh, NY
1775 the American Revolution begins
1775 Paul Revere rides for independence, April 18
1777 Sybil rides for independence, April 26
1783 the American Revolution ends
1783 Edmond's parents, the Ogdens, move to Fredricksburgh, NY
1784 Sybil marries Edmond Ogden, Oct. 24
1786 Henry is born to Sybil and Edmond
1793 The family moves to Catskill, New York
1799 Edmond dies of yellow fever
1803 Sybil buys and runs her own tavern
1810 Henry marries Julia Peck of Catskill
1811 Edmund Augustus, Sybil's first grandson, is born on Feb. 20
1811 Sybil, Henry, Julia, and baby Edmund move to Unadilla, New York
1838 Sybil files for a pension from the government, Sept. 8, but is refused
1839 Sybil Ludington Ogden dies on Feb. 26, 1839, at age 77
1907 Sybil's ride is written about in Connecticut Magazine and again in Colonel Ludington: A Memoir
1935 The Daughters of the American Revolution work to have markers placed along Sybil's route
1961 Anna Hyatt Huntington creates a statue to honor Sybil, placed at Lake Gleneida in Carmel, NY
1975 An eight-cent US postage stamp is dedicated in Sybil's honor

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