The Ocean Steamship Company Savannah Line - Purple Mountain Press



by Edward A. Mueller

Chapter Ten, Prosperous Years

"The port of Savannah was especially active during the mid- 1880's. On one occasion the local newspaper noted that twelve steamships, three sailing ships, twenty-nine barks, three brigs, and fourteen schooners were in the port that day....For all of these passenger and freight vessels operating between Savannah and northern ports, the freight traffic characteristics were similair. Northbound freight still consisted mainly of cotton, mostly for New England mills, but also of naval stores (resin and turpentine) carried in barrels, and in season garden fruits and vegetables. Rice, hides, and wool were also products frequently shipped north by steamships in the 1880's."

The Ocean Steamship Company of Savannah- generally known as the Savannah Line- was chartered in 1872 to operate passenger and cargo steamships between Savannah and New York. A subsidiary of the Central of Georgia Railway, the company was to provide a major travel link over the next 70 years moving agricultural products, pricipally cotton, from Georgia and Alabama to New York and Boston. The combined effect of the development of an adequate national highway network, the depression, and the loss of it's fleet in World War II caused its liquidation in 1951.

Edward A. Mueller is a professional engineer whose specialty has been the field of transportation. He was Florida's first secretary of transportation and has been active in the Florida Engineering Society anbd the Institute of Transportation Engineers. Mr. Mueller has been curator, president, and executive director of the Jacksonville Maritime Museum. He has spent a lifetime researching and writing about steamship and steamboat history in the east. His many books include St. Johns River Steamboats, Upper Mississippi River Rafting Steamboats and Steamships of the Two Henrys. His most recent work, a joint project of the Steamship Historiacl Society of America and Purple Mountain Press, is Queen of Sea Routes, the definitive history of the Merchants and Miners Transportation Company. He is past editor of Steamnoat Bill, the journal of the Steamship Historical Society was chosen by the society to receive The Samuel Ward Stanton Award For Lifetime Achievement for the year 2000.

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