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by Russell P. Bellico

From "1. Years of Conflict":

"The lakes have not always been tranquil, however. These now placid waterways were the sites of three wars and many violent shipwrecks during their turbulent history, producing a legacy of stories of the American past. There were scenes of heroic acts of courage, deeds of treachery and torture, and perilous Indian encounters. The interest in history of these stormy events stems not from a glorification of war but from a fascination with the lakes as special places whose beauty and past are interwoven. . . . Radeaux, brigs, sloops, row galleys and gun boats would become a familiar part of the scenery during war periods. When peace finally arrived in the nineteenth century, it was time for new fleets of commercial schooners, steam boats, canal boats, and horse boats to once again follow the natural water route that the lakes provided."

Praise for Russell Bellico's Sails and Steam in the Mountains, now in a revised edition, completely rewritten with more than 100 new illustrations:

"Outstanding account of the history and archaeology of Lake Champlain and Lake George." --Philip K. Lundeberg, Curator Emeritus, National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institution.

"Bellico fully traces the roles played by Lake George and Lake Champlain in the French and Indian War, the American Revolution, and the War of 1812, then moves beyond to the canal boats and steamships that plied them in more peaceful pursuits during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries." --American History

"What makes Bellico's work stand out from the literature in the subject is his extensive use of original diaries and journals of the soldiers who fought the battles at the lakes. At points it achieves the narrative flow and high drama of the new hit movie The Last of the Mohicans." --Times Union

"Attractively illustrated, handsomely printed and bound, this new history of maritime and military affairs on Lake Champlain and Lake George gives a thorough review of the exploration and early, crucially important military history of the Champlain Valley." --Sea History Magazine

"Bellico's book meticulously traces the history of these two lakes. In all of this material Bellico presents much primary data as well as a complex synthesis of events. . .the volume also offers copious textual and citation footnotes and additional page-end comments...Exquisite photographs provide a counterpoint to the historical illustrations in the text." --American Neptune: A Quarterly Journal of Maritime History

From the French and Indian War to the steamboat era, this is the first new history of the two lakes in more than 30 years and includes all of the recent, exciting underwater archaeological finds.

He is author of Chronicles of Lake George: Journeys in War and Peace and Chronicles of Lake Champlain: Journeys in War and Peace, and Empires in the Mountains: The French and Indian War Campaigns in the Lake Champlain, Lake George, and Hudson River Corridor.

He edited Life on a Canal Boat: The Journals of Theodore Bartley.

396 pages, 270 illustrations, 7 x 10, index, 2001
Revised Edition (fifth printing since 1993) includes more than 100 new illustrations and all of the latest underwater archaeology.
$29.00 paperback--A Purple Mountain Press original

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