Lake George Reflections: Island History and Lore - Purple Mountain Press


by Frank Leonbruno
with Ginger Henry

Foreword by Elsa Steinback; Introduction by Peter A. A. Berle

From "Dome Island":

"Dome Island, located midway between the east and west shroes and about nine miles north of the southern tip of the lake, is the centerpiece of Lake George's scenic setting. It is the highest island on the lake, rising 76 feet above the lake's surface. The origin of its name is clear. Seneca Ray Stoddard once described it as having `the appearance of a huge emerald dome, somewhat flattened, but bearing enough of the appearance to justify its name.' Dome Island is a glacial morraine--an accumulation of earth and stones deposited by a glacier. With its unspoiled beauty, the island probably looks the same today as it did a thousand years ago. Its heavily wooded landscape, composed primarily of hemlock, beech, and red oak, provides a habitat to a wide variety of animal life. Like so many of the Lake George Islands, Dome played a roll in the military campaigns of the French and Indian Wars. The elevation of the island made it an ideal place for English scouts to spy on the Indians encamped among the islands to the north. It is reported that Colonel Israel Putnam left some of his troops on the island while he went to inform General Webb of the presence of Indians on the islands near Northwest Bay and the Narrows. . ."

For more than 40 years Frank Leonbruno served as a ranger, and later supervisor, for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation on Lake George, where the state owns many of the 100+ islands. This book grew out of his love for and involvement with the islands, their campers, their histories, their legends, and their inhabitants. The first printing of this book sold out in seven days.

"The Lake George islands and all public lands in the Adirondack Park are protected as forever wild by the New York State constitution. But even wild lands require loving stewardship. Frank Leonbruno provided that for over four decades. He cared for our public property as though it were his own. His work enriched the lives of thousands of folk who learned to share his view that Lake George is one of the most beautiful bodies of water on earth." --Peter Berle, director and host of The Environment Show on National Public Radio; past president of the National Audubon Society.

"This very interesting book will fill a niche that has not been extensively covered by other writers. By focusing on the islands, the author has a topic that should be of keen interest to Lake George enthusiasts, and because of his 42-year career as an islands ranger, Frank Leonbruno, is in a unique position to record this story." --Russell P. Bellico, author of Chronicles of Lake George: Journeys in War and Peace and Sails and Steam in the Mountains: A Maritime and Military History of Lake George and Lake Champlain.

236 pages, illustrated, 6 x 9, index, 1998, reprinted 2009
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