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Please note: There are four volumes in this series, three on the Adirondacks and one on the Catskills.

Volume One contains the introduction to the first three on the Adirondacks.

Volume One: Where did the Tracks Go in the Western Adirondacks?

Chapters by Discipline
1. Geography and the Maps
2. Railroads and Passengers
3. Railroads and Forests
4. Railroads and Forest Fires
5. Railroads and Agriculture
6. Railroads and Mining
7. Railroads and Miscellaneous Industries
8. Railroad Facilities
9. Unusual Railroads
10. Abandonment, Disposition, and Preservation

Chapters by Geography
11. New York & Ottawa
12. Bombay & Moira
13. Watson Page Lumber Company
14. Brooklyn Cooperage Company and Everton Railroads
15. Bay Pond, Inc.
16. Oval Wood Dish Company
17. Hannawa Railroad
18. Clifton Iron Company’s Railroad
19. Carthage & Adirondack
20. Mecca Lumber Company
21. Newton Falls Paper Company
22. Post & Henderson
23. Cranberry Lake and Rich Lumber Company Railroads
24. Newton Falls & Northern
25. Hanna Ore Company
26. Adirondack & Saint Lawrence (DeKalb Junction to Hermon)
27. Gouverneur & Oswegatchie
28. Lowville & Beaver River, Basselin’s, and Slocum & Lefevre’s Railroads
29. Glenfield & Eastern and Eaton Railroads
30. DeGrasse Paper Company’s Railroad

Volume Two: Where did the Tracks Go in the Central Adirondacks?

31. Jerseyfield Railroad
32. Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville
33. Herkimer, Newport & Poland
34. Hinckley Branch
35. Utica & Black River
36. Adirondack Division
37. Black River & Woodhull
38. Moose River Lumber Company
39. Fulton Chain Railroad, the first or “Peg Leg”
40. Fulton Chain Railroad, the second or Old Forge Branch
41. Thomson-Dix Lumber Company, Raquette Lake, and Marion River Carry Railroads
42. Champlain Realty Company at Woods Lake
43. Mac-a-Mac and Whitney Railroads at Brandreth
44. Partlow Lake Railway
45. Horseshoe Forestry, Maple Grove, and Wake Robin Railroads
46. Grasse River Railroad
47. Piercefield Spur
48. Paul Smith’s Railway / Chapter 48T. Tekene Branch
49. Saranac Branch and the Saranac & Lake Placid Railroad
50. Adirondack Railway Corporation, Adirondack Centennial, Adirondack Scenic Railroads

Volume Three: Where did the Tracks Go in the Eastern Adirondacks?

51. Delaware & Hudson Main Line from Whitehall to Rouses Point
52. Adirondack Company's Railroad to North Creek (historical research by Jon Patton)
53. Upper Hudson River Railroad
54. Saratoga & Mount McGregor Railroad
55. D&H Caldwell Branch to Lake George
56. Prospect Mountain Cable Railroad
57. Hudson Valley Railway
58. Baldwin Branch of the D&H and the Ticonderoga Terminal Railroad
59. Crown Point Iron Company's Railroad
60. Lake Champlain & Moriah Railroad
61. Elizabethtown Terminal Railroad
62. New York & Pennsylvania Company's Railroad at Willsboro
63. Keeseville, Ausable Chasm and Lake Champlain Railroad
64. Ausable Branch
65. Chateaugay Railroad
[49D&H Saranac & Lake Placid Railroad, included from Vol. 2]
66. Mooers Branch
67. Amtrak's Adirondack
68. Non-connected Railroads

Volume Four: Where did the Tracks Go in the Catskills?

Part One – Chapters by Discipline 69. Introduction
70. Geography and the Maps
71. Railroads and Passengers
72. Railroads and Forest Products
73. Railroads and Forest Fires
74. Railroads and Agricultural Products
75. Railroads and Geological Products
76. Railroads and Miscellaneous Industries
77. Railroad Facilities
78. Unusual Railroads
79. Abandonment, Disposition, and Preservation

Part Two – Chapters by Geography
Chapter 80. Ulster & Delaware Main Line
Chapter 81. Ashokan Reservoir Relocation
Chapter 82. Stony Clove & Kaaterskill Branch
Chapter 83. Catskill Mountain Railroad at Phoenicia, 1983
Chapter 84. Delaware & Ulster Rail Ride at Arkville, 1983
Chapter 85. Delaware & Northern
Chapter 86. New York, Ontario & Western’s Delhi Branch
Chapter 87. Catskill Mountain (first), Cairo, Otis Elevating,and Catskill & Tannersville Railroads
Chapter 88. Fenwick Lumber Company Railroad
Chapter 89. Non-connecting Railroads
Chapter 89A. Hol(t)z and Perry Railroads
Chapter 89B. Treyz Railroad
Chapter 90. Delhi & Middletown and Delaware Railroads


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