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A History of One Hundred Years of Growth and Service

by Larry Burgess

From Chapter Five: "Thistle Pluckers And Rose Planters":

"I have treated this property, the result of seventy-six purchases, as a landscape artist does his canvas, only my canvas covers seven square miles."
A. K. Smiley, 1907

Albert and Daniel Smiley worked long and hard during the 1880s and 1890s . . . to blend the handiwork of nature with the handiwork of people. Daniel, especially after 1890 when he assumed the management of the Mohonk operation, proved to have the ability of the engineer and the creative artist. As Daniel Smiley, Daniel's grandson, points out, `Mohonk forestry goes back almost to the beginning of scientific forest management in the United States.' . . .The thrust of aestetics stemmed from the Smiley's concern that the visitors to Mohonk be challenged to heighten their perceptions of nature and people's relationship to it. . . . Man's relationship to man and man's relationship to nature have become the underpinning of the Mohonk operation. A clientele of sympathetic people, possessed of various backgrounds, constituted the guests. A unique experience in fashioning a harmony between wilderness and the arts of humankind continued to broaden its outreach."

This book is an illustrated history of the famous Shawangunk Mountain resort, now on the National Register, which has been owned and operated by the same family for more than a hundred years. It is an extraordinary story. More than 10,000 copies sold.

Historian and archivist Larry E. Burgess is Director of the A. K. Smiley Public Library, Redlands, California. An author, professor, and lecturer, Burgess first went to Mohonk Lake in 1968. He is also the author of Daniel Smiley of Mohonk: A Naturalist's Life.

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