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by Robert Titus

"Slide Mountain is the highest summit in the Catskills (4,180 ft.) and has one of the finest views in the region. Perhaps you've been to the top of Slide Mountain and know its summit. Imagine for a moment that there is a door to an elevator shaft up there. This is a time elevator, built for geologists to take them back into the Catskills' distant past. This elevator takes you down into the Earth, through the many layers of rock that make up Slide. You don't stop at floors, you stop at moments in time. There are four doors, each facing one of the four compass directions. When the elevator stops at a particular moment, one or more doors open upon the landscape as it was then. The only flaw is that this elevator can take you only to those moments of time that are recorded within the strata of the Catskills. We go in, push a button, and down we go. The first leg of our trip is not very long and not very far. The east-facing door opens only a few feet beneath the surface. But those few feet have taken us far into the past, to a time geologists call the Devonian Period. It's 350 million years ago and out there is a mountain range, called the Acadian Mountains, rising above where the Berkshires are today. It's hard to tell from where we are, but the snow-capped peaks appear to tower tens of thousands of feet above sea level. .

Geology is America's favorite science. As children we develop a keen interest in this science of dinosaurs and volcanoes, glaciers and earthquakes, and given a chance, we never give up that fascination. Robert Titus has completely revised The Catskills: A Geological Guide (1993). Learn about the great geological history hidden in the region's rocks and landscapes. Here is the story of continental collisions, lost mountain ranges, and primitive fossil creatures in an ancient sea. It is the story of the land of Gilboa, literally a land that time has forgotten. Explore the Catskill region as it was nearly 400 million years ago. To learn about the great ages of ice that shaped the present landscape of the Catskills, read Dr. Titus's The Catskills in the Ice Age and The Other Side of Time also published by Purple Mountain Press.

127 pages, illustrated, 7 x 10, 2004
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