Defending the Hudson in the American Revolution - Purple Mountain Press


by Lincoln Diamant and George S. Gardner

From the Foreword

"From the earliest days of the Revolution, it was an article of faith among American and British military planners that whosoever dominated the 150-mile-long Hudson Valley would control the course of the war. The river itself was the longest battlefield of the Revolution, serving both as a highway or as a barrier, depending on who was in local military or naval control. . . . This booklet tells the story of the various ingenious devices and river obstructions used by the Americans to accomplish their purpose. It must have been a frustrating experience for the patriots to see each of their obstacles fail, save for the Great West Point Chain. But taken as a whole, the psychological effect on the British was considerable. . . . To involve the reader as deeply as possible in these stirring events of two and quarter centuries ago, the authors have drawn upon a series of contemporary nautical charts, pinpointing the location of each action."

Other Purple Mountain Press books by Hudson Valley historian Lincoln Diamant include Hoopla on the Hudson, which tells the story of the great 1909 Hudson-Fulton Celebration, the valley's greatest party, and DIVE! The Story of David Bushnell and His Remarkable 1776 Submarine (and Torpedo). George S. Gardner is a noted graphic and exhibit designer, who designed the original "Defending the Hudson" traveling exhibit now installed at the Visitor's Orientation Center at the USMA at West Point.

48 pages, illustrated, 5.5 x 8.5, 2004
$6.50 booklet--A Purple Mountain Press original

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