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by Russell P. Bellico

From the introduction:

"Chronicles of Lake George relies primarily on the diaries, journals, and guidebooks of early travelers to the region. The individuals who were dispatched to the lake during the eighteenth-century wars witnessed history unfolding, while others traveled as tourists during the nineteenth century. The stories told by the journal keepers represent personal glimpses into their lives and the historic occurrences of the day. In reading these diaries, we are sharing the experiences of the chroniclers as they participated in major military campaigns or leisurely enjoyed the region of Lake George in a later era.
. . . Primary sources allow one to separate myths from fact. In 1940 Wallace E. Lamp, author of The Lake Champlain and Lake George Valleys , warned that authors writing about the lakes had a `tendancy. . .to accept the word of previous writers without question and to be exceedingly credulous of contemporary legends' . . . . From explorers aboard bateaux who observed virgin forests to vacationers perusing elegant hotels from the decks of steamboats; from soldiers who manned radeaux and armed sloops to today's boatmen in high-powered craft; from troops shocked by the deafening artillery explosions during the 1757 siege at Fort William Henry to tourists who blithely watch radient burts of fireworks from the sidewalks along the replica of the fort--all of these vistiors have formed indelible impressions of Lake George."

"The central role of Lake George in both military and social history emerges in the words of eyewitnesses, and Bellico's extended introductions to each provide the best compact history of the lake to date. . . .This volume deserves wide readership." --Robert Foulke, Professor Emeritus at Skidmore College, and Patricia Foulke, authors of Colonial America

"Bellico succeeds admirable in weaving the threads of the history. . . into a lucid and engaging whole." --C. Vanrei, Historic Preservation Officer, State of New York

He is author of Sails and Steam in the Mountains: A Maritime and Military History of Lake George and Lake Champlain,
Chronicles of Lake Champlain, and Empires in the Mountains: The French and Indian War Campaigns in the Lake Champlain, Lake George, and Hudson River Corridor and editor of Life on a Canal Boat: The Journals of Theodore Bartley

416 pages, over 200 illustrations, 7 x 10, index, 1995
$29.00 paperback--$75.00 signed, limited-edition hardcover
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