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by Jerome S. Thaler

From Chapter 4--"Causes and Effects":

"There are two distinctly different climate zones within the Catskill Mountains: one extends to the south and east of the highest elevations and the other to the north and west of the high peak region. The latter climate zone is, by far, the most unusual of the two. Two fundamental meteorological concepts play a significant role in shaping the climate of these two zones. These are known as upsloping and downsloping. When air is lifted up over a mountain range, the air expands, cooling and condensing into moisture, which takes the form of clouds and precipitation. This process is known as upsloping. Rising air currents are also associated with low pressure systems usually bringing rain or snow. Air sinking within a dome of high pressure or air that is forced downslope of a mountain range, warms up and loses moisture, as is shown by a drop in relative humidity. This process is known as downsloping.

A very common weather pattern occurs from late autumn through early spring, one responsible for large differences in cloud cover and frequency of precipitation between the western Catskills and points to the south and east...there can be a 25-degree temperature difference between the hill towns of the western Catskills and central Westchester County."

"Catskill Weather is an important contribution to regional climate knowledge and contains a wealth of useful meteorological information for residents, vacationers and professional meteorologists." --Roger Brickner, Director of the Museum of American Weather, Haverhill, NH

The hottest, coldest, wettest, driest, snowiest, earliest, latest are all covered in detail along with weather averages, weather extremes, weather trends and weather cycles.

Jerome S. Thaler is the Hudson Valley's foremost weather historian and has been a Cooperative Weather Observer for the National Weather Service for more than 30 years. He is also the author of The Westchester Weather Book.

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