The People's Choice - A History of Albany County in Art and Architecture - Purple Mountain Press


by Allison P. Bennett

New preface by Roderic H. Blackburn

From "English Georgian Influences":

"During the 1760s there was a great spurt in the building of substantial and spacious dwellings within Albany County. The English culture was taking precedence over the Dutch and this was reflected in domestic architecture. These houses also reflected a new degree of wealth and sophistication that had been attained by the descendants of the first settlers, now that the seemingly interminable wars with the French Canada were finally over.

What was later known as the Georgian style of architecture first became popular in England in the late 17th and early 18th centuries, and it incorporated dignity, formality, and regularity. Many or its principles were based on the works of Andrea Palladio (1518-1580), who built handsome Renaissance villas for wealthy Italians in the 16th century . . . English builders published their own illustrated books on Georgian designs and these were widely read and copied during the first half of the eighteenth century. Such books found their way into the hands of carpenters in America, who adapted the designs to local needs and climatic conditions. These 18th century colonial houses marked a breakaway from the purely functional form of house building to a new emphasis on features of formal symmetry and careful proportions. They had a improved floor plan that permitted better circulation, more comfort and privacy."

Now in its fifth printing, The People's Choice, is a unique and thoroughly researched history of Albany County told through a rich selection of photographs of historical significant protraits, landscapes, churches, weather vanes, mills, bridges, barns, houses, monuments, maps, drawings, and silhouettes that have never been published before. Devotees of history, art, and architecture will find this book a treasure trove of illustration and knowledge.

Allison Bennett, a former town historian, has written four books and lectures widely on Capital region historical subjects. She is co-author, along with Shirley Dunn, of Dutch Architecture Near Albany.

152 pages, illustrated, 8.5 x 11, 1995
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